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Shipping Information

Shipping Information

Delivery windows executed by telephone difference and use of the availability of applications in the time schedule that we display. From the date when the cooperating access to the courier or transport paralyzes every time being a queen, I do not need to make delays for every delay I want to make until the package is delivered to the final recipient (strikes, duration of parental violence, etc.).

The shipment number stated in the relevant document of the cooperating courier company becomes known to the customer (via email or SMS) shortly after receiving the package from the employee of the cooperating courier company, which proves the timely execution of the order by us. For the above reasons, Be queen is committed exclusively for the timely shipment of parcels and not for the final delivery time of the package by the respective courier company.

The goods after being sent by our company, travel exclusively and only at the responsibility of the customer. The above means that the customer should in no case receive a parcel from the transport company which has obvious external damage due to the transport.

If you wish, the order can be executed by sending products to your place through a Courier or Transport company. The courier company with which Be queen cooperates is Elta Courier.

Cost of transportation

Shipping costs are as follows:

  • Shipping costs are free (COD service costs +3.00 euros)
  • Orders abroad have different shipping depending on the destination.

It is possible, after consultation, to send goods with any carrier chosen by the Customer, with the cost of shipping to be borne exclusively by him.

Shipments of orders c or from Monday to Friday at 15:00 and Saturday at 11:00, except during holidays. If parallel receipts are required on time late shipments, run the required applications.

For all orders placed with the “Credit Card” payment method, the shipment is made after the identification of the cardholder’s details is completed. The duration of the test can exceed 24 hours.

Areas where they are considered inaccessible by the transport companies, the shipment / delivery will take place, in the store closest to you.

Be queen reserves the right to refuse cash on delivery. COD is only valid for courier shipments.


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